Peace Of Mind – Yoga & Surfing Retreat

April 16th - September 30th

Daily program:


Sunrise Surfing / Sunrise Yoga
2 hours of yoga and / or Surfing in most beautiful sunrise. Yoga practice is dynamic yoga, so it is really good exercise for your mind and body. Two hours of surfing in perfect waves. We will take you to the best and safe spots and teach you how to surf


Yoga practice to relax


Breakfast (vegetarian / vegan with coffee and tea)


*Surfing lessons (extra surfing lessons)
* Yoga lessons (extra yoga lessons)

Other things to do:
*Free time
*Hiking tours. North shore is full of beautiful hikes, which are suitable for all. Depending on other daytime activities, hikes take 1-6 hours
*Nature tours, for example beautiful walk to Kaena point.
*Snorkeling around the North Shore spots. For example Shark´s Cove, where you can see amazing sea life.
*Beaches, a day trip to all world famous beaches and surfing spots. For example. Gas Chambers, Pipeline, Waimea Bay, Alligator pond just to name few.

* Art Class 60$
* Massage 65$ / 60 minutes
* Osteopathy 85$ / treatment
* Private surf lesson $100
* Private yoga lesson $90
*extra group surfing lesson $80
* extra group yoga lesson $20
* Car rental 25$ / Day
* Hikes: Half day hike 75$ and full day hike 150$


sunset surfing / sunset yoga
2 hours of yoga and / or Surfing in most beautiful sunset. Yoga practice is restorative, so it is really good relaxation for your mind and body. Two hours of surfing in perfect waves.


restorative / meditative yoga


dinner (vegetarian / vegan with coffee and tea)

Booking is compulsory, in any case we don´t refund payments.



Jason Kozlik

Jason Kozlik – Lumi Family Head Surfing Coach
Being born and raised in Chicago, surfing may not be the first thing that pops into your mind. Jason self taught himself how to surf at the age of 8 years old when his mom was stationed at the naval base in San Diego and instantly feel in love with the sport that later turned into his passion. Now with over 20 years of surfing under his belt, Jason has traveled up and down the east coast, west coast, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam, and even the gulf coast of Texas in sun rain or snow surfing year around. Having been teaching surfing for 12 years already, Jason is the perfect match for people of all ages, learning style and skill level. Riding a wave is one of the greatest feeling in the world and he is stoked to be able to bring that kind of joy into peoples lives. Everyone owes it to themselves to go out and try. His teaching style is best described as energetic, motivational, and easy going.
He works well with everyone and will even teach you a few tricks you’d never thought you’d be able to do on your first day!



Jykä Päällysaho

Jykä is the co-owner of Lumi Yoga & Surf. He is passioned surfer and yogi.

He loves all of his customers as his own family.

He does his best to give you the best experience here – Lumi House in Hawaii. He will go surfing and have fun with everyone. He really respects and loves the ocean and the surf.

He used to worked as a full time as a Fire Fighter and a Rescue Diver.





Reetta Päällysaho

Reetta is the owner of Lumi Yoga & Surf. She does it with her whole heart. She loves all of her customers as her own family

She has practiced yoga now 19 years and teached 15 years. It is her passion.

She has practiced through all of her injuries and pregnancies. So she knows how to modify practice to everyone.  She used to do competitive sports before yoga and because of that she has gone through 16 surgeries.

She worked full time as an osteopath. So she has met lots of lovely people and helped them with their problems.




Gwénaëlle Devaux

Gwénaëlle Devaux – Lumi Family Yoga Teacher and Art Class Teacher

is the owner and artist of Paint for your Soul. Born in Fiji, grew up in Hawaii and has always been encompassed by art. She describes herself as an island girl at heart living in Hawaii, she is inspired by all the natural beauty that she is surrounded by and strives to share her inspiration with others to bring out their inner artist. She has a natural passion for teaching others. Gwénaëlle believes that everyone is an artist and with guidance I can bring many benefits such as stress and therapeutic relief, technique and advancement of the arts.
Each class runs 90 minutes, we provide all the supplies and equipment. Painting options are Mandalas leaf printing, fauna or landscapes.


She teaches yoga classes in our retreat and camps.

Her way to teach is gentle, professional and therapeutic. She knows many different styles of yoga and she really takes care of you in the class.

Choose your package

1 week, early bird booking: -20% discount

1360 $USD


Daily Yoga +Surfing
1 surfing lesson
Breakfast + Dinner
We offer you accommodation without any extra charge
Booking is compulsory, in any case we don´t refund payments.